9th International Conference
on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo
Methods in Scientific Computing

Warsaw, August 15-20, 2010

Paper's Submission for the Proceedings

The proceedings of The 9th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing (MCQMC 2010) will be published by Springer-Verlag, in a book entitled Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 2010, edited by Henryk Wozniakowski and Leszek Plaskota.

The deadline for manuscript submission is December 31st, 2010.

The book should be completed by the summer 2011 and will appear in late 2011 or early 2012.

Preparing manuscripts

Every conference speaker is invited to submit a paper based on her/his talk. Each submission will be refereed and only a number of selected contributions will be published. There is a limit on the total number of pages of the volume, so please keep your articles as short as possible (without giving up clarity, of course). As a guideline, manuscripts based on a presentation in a special or contributed session should not exceed 15 pages in the required format, and preferably less. These manuscripts should contain original research contributions not published elsewhere, and should be based on talks given at the conference. The manuscripts based on invited plenary talks may be longer and can also be more survey-oriented. The authors must make sure that they have all the required rights to publish their material in the Proceedings.

Use a template

The final manuscripts must be prepared in LaTeX2e with Springer's style files. Please use links below to download the necessary files into a common folder/directory:

In doubt on how to use the style, refer to the following original instructions from Springer:

It is not necessary for manuscript preparation, but the complete package of LaTeX styles, macros, instructions, samples, etc. can be obtained from Springer website (navigate to: Manuscript Preparation in LaTeX).

All papers will use an even number of pages in the book. So there is no point in making an effort to go from 14 to 13 pages, say. But going from 14 to 15 really makes a difference.

The papers are printed in black and white (no color). However, if there are special requests to have a few figures in color, there may be a possibility to print them together on separate pages at the end of the book (but not in the paper) if we think it is worth the cost and trouble.

Prepare the bibliography

We recommend using BiBTeX with Springer's preferred style file spmpsci.bst. Its citations use numbers in brackets, as in the previous MCQMC books. After producing the .bbl file, simply copy its contents near the end of your main .tex source file.

If you do not use BiBTeX, you can format your references by hand using this style. This is illustrated by the author.tex file, see also the author's guide.

References must be in alphabetic order. We prefer that you do not abbreviate journal names. If you insist on using abbreviations, you must follow the rules given on page 11 of author's instructions. Please do not use footnotes anywhere.

Use basic LaTeX commands

The book will be typeset as a single large LaTeX document that will contain all the manuscripts. For this reason, you must refrain from redefining LaTeX commands globally in your manuscript, because they may affect other manuscripts as well. In case of absolute necessity, you can define new LaTeX commands for your document via \newcommand{\mycommand}, but never \renewcommand{\mycommand} or \def\mycommand. Keep their number to a minimum and avoid using short simple names that may clash with those of other authors. Only the material that lies strictly between \begin{document} and \end{document} will be extracted from your LaTeX file. The rest will be commented out. If you have defined (new) commands before \begin{document}, we will try to recover them and define them at the beginning of the book.

Manuscript submission

When submitting the final version of your manuscript, please email the following to mcqmc2010@mimuw.edu.pl:

If you have EPS files for the figures, you must include them as well. No other format of document is accepted (no exception). The names of all the files should start with the first author's name.

In addition, we will need

Please proof-read your final version very carefully. A list of commonly encountered LaTeX errors is provided on Pierre L'Ecuyer's webpage. The instruction files for authors and the style reference guide as well contain a longer list of typesetting recommendations.

We gratefully acknowledge the possibility of using the instructions prepared for the MCQMC2008 by Pierre L'Ecuyer.

Under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.